The largest Fig Plantation in Europe.

Furnirussi Farm Estate is surrounded by a plantation of fig trees on over 12 hectares of land. The 4500 trees planted by Furnirussi Farm Estate in 2008 are the largest organic fig plantation in Europe. It is divided into 7 blocks of different varieties, all originating in Puglia and Southern Italy.

The heterogeneity of fruits guarantees their maturation from June to late September, as well as all the benefits of an organic crop.

Besides, Furnirussi Farm, thanks to the support of the University of Salento’s botanical gardens and the invaluable collaboration with industry experts, has recovered and planted a collection of plants representative of almost all varieties of figs coming from Salento.
The commitment in the cultivation of native plant varieties, their organic certification and enhancement of local, human and material resources, constitute the Furnirussi Company’s strengths in the total respect of environment and high quality standards within a significant sector for the whole territory of Salento and Puglia.